Healing the Wounds of Love

Healing the Wounds of Love

We are many-storied creatures. Every morning, we wake up and tell ourselves into our story.

When you study a life, as I have many times as a therapist, you realize that how we tell ourselves into our story generally determines how things will go for us.

As American Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield says,  “We can tell stories that lead us to greater suffering and desperation, blame and fear, or we can use stories to open the heart of compassion.  We can use stories to support the generous impulse that’s there in us. We can use stories to connect us to one another.” The problem is that much of our personal story is unconscious to us, a jumble of scripts generated by the imprints of our experiences, often running and ruling us from underneath… READ MORE

Dreamtime Journey


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The Dreamtime Journey uses music, atmosphere and a support system to induce a non-ordinary state of consciousness, an active dreaming-while-you-are-awake, so that you can enter your dreaming and bring into focus the voice of your soul.

The Dreamtime Journey is an entry to your unconscious for self-revelation and inner guidance. The Journey combines two complementary approaches: the psycho-spiritual opening made possible by shamanic inner journey, and the soul-centered view of Jungian Psychology, which concerns itself with the unique transformative path which each soul must follow.  The Dreamtime Journey is your own personal dream laboratory, where you can return again and again to accomplish the great task of integration using the means of active dreaming.

Available as Hard Copy or Digital Download!

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Praise for The Love Journey

"Jeremiah's LOVE JOURNEY was a profound experience for me. I was able to realize and release a birth experience trauma that had been limiting me in some subtle and not so subtle ways in this life. For this I am grateful, not to mention in his workshop is where I meet my beloved partner." -–Amara

"I can testify that Dreamtime Journey breathwork changed the trajectory of my life." - Mary Fleming, landscape designer

"The Love Journey was and still is for me a turnaround experience Jeremiah. Once again many many thanks." - Julie Turcotte

"I feel Jeremiah Abrams is a shamanic version of Eckhart Tolle. He is a true guru and he is profoundly knowledgeable about the consious & unconsious mind. I was truly lucky to join one of his retreats in Norway 2012 - at a very low point in my life, every aspect of my being changed after a week there. He has a very kind, warm & understanding personality with so much wisdom & love in his soul.

Our healing fire ceremonies with shamanic drums as well as his lectures made such an impact on me, and I saw my whole being from a different point of view. In total I gained new perspectives, learned to trust myself & had new confidence within. My wounds started to heal, I opened up for giving & receiving love. For the first time in my life I was able to let go of the past & look ahead. Jeremiah is a true blessing on this beautiful planet, and anyone lucky to cross his path will have their life changed forever." - CiCi

"My experience of Jeremiah's love retreat transformed my life and allowed me to open to receiving my soulmate. It was such a gift to see the places where I could heal the parts of me that felt not fully loved and create space for an amazing man to enter my life. We will be married this month and I know that Jeremiah's workshop helped me to energetically prepare and release my barriers to love. I am deeply appreciative and feel prepared to enter the initiation of marriage." -Tarra C., Marin County, CA

"Just wrapped an awesome program with Jeremiah Abrams on Shamanic Breath Work and the Shadow. Awesome program. He's truly a master at what he does!" - Christopher Howard, CA

"The workshop really gave me new motivation to grow and develop spiritually/psychologically. I do a lot of work on myself, but mostly by myself, and realized I need to be involved more with people in my healing work. That was really good for me... good work!" - Jason R.

"This workshop changed my life a year ago! I highly recommend Jeremiah for holding space, provoking thought, and allowing each person to explore the light and shadow aspects of self safely. Wishing all the removees an exciting and transformative journey back to LOVE. blessings" - Alex P.