The Shadow in Love
Loving Ourselves
Loving Others

November 20 – 27, 2017

Ubud, Bali

Immerse yourself in a week-long immersive retreat
with Jungian therapist and teacher Jeremiah Abrams

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Your task is not to seek for Love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.

This rare opportunity to be with master therapist Jeremiah Abrams will serve as an initiation to your own depth inquiry, a journey to the heart of your personal narrative to release old patterns, beliefs and stories about love. There is profound healing and freedom when those aspects of ourselves that have been in shadow can be witnessed and validated.

All of us long to have more love in our lives. But if we ignore the core wounds within us that are responsible for the obstacles to love in our lives, we remain caught in conditioned patterns of failure in intimacy.

Healing the wounds of Love begins with a seeing and an accepting of the unfinished in us, a pursuit of the deeper truth of what has happened thus far on our Earthwalk and then, spontaneously, a realization of what we have made of these experiences.

The Shamanic Dreamtime Journey will serve as a laboratory to retrieve what is up for healing now for you about love. Our circle will be the base for active witnessing and integration.

November 20 – 27

The love retreat includes the following:
• Daily Yoga and meditation
• Shamanic journey
• Balinese purification ceremony
• Training in dream interpretation
• C.G. Jung’s psychological types
• Jeremiah’s 5-Stage Model of Relationships
• Active dreaming and active imagination
• Exercises to extinguish negative patterns in love
• An evolving dialogue in the group
that supports, witnesses, and validates each person
“the love retreat is a true game changer towards freedom, I walked away as a new human being with a heart wide open ready to receive and give love like never before.
Freedom from all the protective layers that had been cloaked unconsciously around my heart.
I fell deeply in love with myself again.
And she was more beautiful than ever before.” -KDT

“Looking back over a lifetime,
you see that love was the answer to everything.
Ray Bradbury”

This is an intimate event that Jeremiah has been offering all over the world for several years, to great acclaim. Jeremiah’s skilled facilitation allows each participant to uncover the wounds that are up for healing. 
There is cross-fertilization from the first-person stories emerging in the circle which, under Jeremiah’s unique guidance, builds into a powerful shared narrative about love.
LISTEN- to an interview with Jeremiah Abrams on the Love Problem on Radio Australia ABC=
READ-Jeremiah Abrams’ article, “Healing the Love Wounds”

Jeremiah Abrams is a Jungian therapist and author based in Ubud, Bali. A popular teacher, Jeremiah is considered a leading expert on the human shadow. He is a pioneer in the field of breath work innovation and consciousness research, going back over 35 years. His books include the best-selling Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature, The Shadow in America, and Reclaiming the Inner Child.

His 3-CD audio program, The Dream time Journey: The Path of Direct Experience is a shamanic journey in a box, available also as a download, complete with manual from this website.

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