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Jeremiah Abrams

is a Jungian therapist and author based in Ubud, Bali.. A popular teacher, Jeremiah is considered a leading expert on the human shadow. READ MORE


Meeting the Shadow:
The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature
The author offers exploration of self and practical guidance dealing with the dark side of personality based on Jung’s concept of “shadow,” or the forbidden and unacceptable feelings and behaviors each of us experience.



Reclaiming the Inner Child
From some of the greatest minds in psychology–including Jung, Erikson, Bradshaw,Whitfield, and Bettelheim–comes this guide on recovering perhaps the most vital yet elusive part of the self. The best writing on the hottest topic in psychology and recovery by the nation’s leading experts.



The Shadow in America:
Reclaiming the Soul of a Nation
The compelling message in The Shadow in America is that we stand on the brink of social change as optimistic as at any time in our history. Jeremiah Abrams takes us the next step beyond his highly successful Meeting the Shadow by providing us with firm ground upon which to realize the dream beneath our national shadow, Read More